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Peatland protection is climate protection

How peatlands - and BODENWUNDER - can contribute to achieving global climate goals

Last June we had a lot of visitors at our BODENWUNDER site: from representatives of the Green Party of Vechta with Tanja Meyer, Stephan Christ and also from the nature conservation association Pronatura.

On this occasion we took the chance to share a lot of our information: There was a lively exchange about alternatives to peat in horticulture as well as about the potentials for humus build-up in agriculture and on communal land.

Thank you again for your visit!

We are pleased that the state level is now also intensively dealing with alternatives to the currently still practiced peat cutting in horticulture. In addition to the protection of peatlands from peat cutting, an agriculture that invests in humus formation plays an essential role. Particularly important are the regional circular economy, the water binding quality as well as the CO2 binding.

Especially for our region, which struggles with sandy soils, water scarcity and high drinking water contamination, it is important to advance humus formation so that water is better stored in the soil and nutrients can be retained. That's why we need our BODENWUNDER, the sustainable organic planting soil that is 100% peat-, compost- and weed-free, leaving the bog where it is.

So, peatland protection thanks to BODENWUNDER pays off in many ways: for local people, for biodiversity and species protection, and for the climate. Because peatland protection is climate protection and climate protection are nature conservation!

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