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Attention plant lovers!

Bodenwunder organic potting soil is perfect for all garden and balcony plants, whether you want to use the soil for flowers, shrubs, fruit or vegetable plants - this multi-purpose organic potting soil is suitable for all areas of use!

You have a garden with large green areas and beds or a nice balcony with pot plants and hanging baskets? Then Bodenwunder is the right choice for you! And what's more, it provides the optimal basis for a healthy plant growth!

What makes Bodenwunder unique is its active contribution to climate protection. Due to the sustainable production with exclusively existing regional agricultural residues, CO2 emissions are reduced in comparison to the production of conventional potting soils. In addition to its CO2-saving production, Bodenwunder also has the remarkable ability to absorb CO2 and bind it sustainably!

Bodenwunder also has the ability to store water for a particularly long time while ensuring good aeration of the soil. This is particularly important to avoid waterlogging and to promote healthy root growth. Your plants will be strong and resilient whether they thrive in the garden or on the balcony! You can look forward to great results!

So if you're looking for a versatile and environmentally friendly organic plant soil - just pop into your nearest Globus shop, grab some Bodenwunder and make the world a little bit greener! 🌱💚

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