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Rich harvest in a purely natural way

Bodenwunder Rich harvest a field report

What could be better than coming out of the garden with full baskets of sun-ripened tomatoes, aromatic radishes or crunchy carrots and holding your own vegetables in your hands?

For healthy development and a bountiful harvest, your vegetable plants need sufficient nutrients in a balanced ratio. Our organic plant soil Bodenwunder not only contains a highly fertile mix of nutrients exclusively from natural raw materials, but is also a 100% natural and effective way to a rich harvest from an ecologically point of view.

By using Bodenwunder, the nutrients contained in the soil become more available to your vegetables and plants, and the soil quality and water balance of the soil are significantly improved. As a result, your vegetable plants grow better and produce higher yields. In addition, the permanent CO2 binding by Bodenwunder ensures that you can make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Highly fertile nutrient mix

Bodenwunder provides your plants with a wide range of natural nutrients and active micro-organisms that your plants need to grow. These nutrients are continuously released by Bodenwunder to ensure a stable and constant supply for your plants. The nitrogen content naturally contained in Bodenwunder promotes the growth of shoots and leaves, making your plants grow even stronger. The magnesium component, which is also naturally contained, is a central building block that enables vital photosynthesis. This is why magnesium in Bodenwunder promotes the flowering and harvesting of your plants.

A wonderful example of how the harvest results with Bodenwunder are particularly impressive is our kohlrabi, which weighs 2.1 kilograms, showing that our peat-, compost- and weed-free Bodenwunder exceeds all expectations.

Bodenwunder with active micro-organisms and natural nutrients brings lush growth and maximum yield!

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