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Protecting the moorlands with Bodenwunder

Who thinks about the consequences for nature when buying plant soil? Few people know what lies behind the designation "soil": most products consist mainly of peat - the stuff that moorlands are made of.

Peat cutting destroys moorlands irretrievably. Peatlands are highly specialized habitats and are home to many rare and endangered animal and plant species. They thus play an important role worldwide as hotspots of biological diversity. However, moorlands are also outstanding climate protectors: they bind large quantities of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Although moorlands cover only three percent of the earth, they store twice as much carbon as all forests combined! In addition, drainage also leads to a massive release of CO2, and renaturation of moorlands that have been drained is virtually impossible.

With Bodenwunder, the bog stays where it is, because our sustainable organic plant soil is 100% peat-free. Bodenwunder contains only natural raw materials from nature, so no peat soils have to be destroyed for it. Because Bodenwunder permanently improves the humus and nutrient supply of the soil, promotes soil structure and supports the important soil life.

By using Bodenwunder you can also contribute to the preservation of the moors and thus protect nature and climate at the same time!

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