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Organic potting soil - the advantages

100% organic climate gardening with Bodenwunder organic potting soil

Gardening with Bodenwunder is an active contribution to climate protection and soil improvement.

Bodenwunder is weed-free, water-retaining and 100 % organic.

Living micro-organisms contribute to revitalise the soil, at the same time there is no need to add mineral fertilisers. Unlike other potting soils, Bodenwunder stores CO2 through the use of renewable raw materials and is therefore particularly sustainable.


No peat, no compost!

100% peat- and compost-free, Bodenwunder only contains natural raw materials. These raw materials are processed using our patented, fully organic, CO2-neutral manufacturing process.

Due to the high humus content, Bodenwunder is proven to store much more water than other potting soils.

The water is released more slowly to plants and does not evaporate, which means it can be used effectively and for longer by plants. Bodenwunder saves water, the most important resource on our planet.


Thanks to our special manufacturing process, Bodenwunder does not contain weeds nor weed seeds.

It is also not a breeding ground for harmful germs. Instead, Bodenwunder contains healthy micro-organisms that influence the soil positively in many ways. The result: biodiversity!


The content and composition of humus are essential parameters for soil fertility.

Humus is extremely diverse, but is also crucial for the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil. As a result, humus dictates the essential processes taking place in the soil.


Humus in soil is the largest terrestrial store of organic carbon.

This is because around four times as much carbon is stored in the soil as in all of the vegetation on our planet or twice as much as in the atmosphere.


Nutrients: 0.56% (N), 0.50% (P2O5), 0.76% (K2O), 0.27% (MgO)

C/N ratio: 1/15

pH value: 6.7 (CaCI2)

Salt content (KCI): 1.5 g

KCI/INaCI content: -


Organic: approx. 70 % acc. to TS

Mineral: approx. 30 % acc. to TS

Materials: Organic by products

Structure: Free flowing

max. in mixture (%): up to 80

Volume weight (g/l): 300 - 350

Ph/nutrient buffer: -


Water capacity: 100 %

Air capacity: -

Plant availability: Any

Structure in time: Soil improvement

Heavy metal pollution: None

Hygiene: Sanitised

Environment: 100% organic

Fields of application

Can be used as a substrate: Yes

As a substrate component: Yes

As mulch: Yes

Soil improvement: Yes

Fertiliser: Yes

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