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The sustainable organic potting soil

100 % peat-free | weed- and compost-free | natural water reservoir

  • increases the pore volume of the soil and thus its capacity to store water

  • stores and supplies nutrients to plants

  • strengthens the soil structure and promotes filter and buffer functions

  • increases aggregate stability and reduces susceptibility to erosion

  • promotes soil fertility and plant health

  • improves water infiltration into the soil


CO2 - on everyone's lips

The increase of CO2 in the atmosphere must be halted.

This is a daunting task for our society. However, we should not forget that much more CO2 is bound on the ground, in plants, in the sea and, especially, in the soil than in the atmosphere. If we manage to stop our CO2 emissions, this will be of no use if the CO2 bound on earth is simultaneously released again.

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100% Made in Germany

Bodenwunder only contains nutrients from upcycling existing biological residues, such as shrubs or green waste! Only raw materials from Germany are used in Bodenwunder.

This means:


  • no mining of raw fossil materials, such as peat

  • no transportation across Europe (saves CO2)

  • no import of coconut fibres from Sri Lanka

  • no use of non-regional materials

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