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All good things come in threes!

A good soil is important for biodiversity, soil fertility and plant health.

BODENWUNDER, the sustainable organic plant soil provides you with 3 good reasons at once:

100% peat and compost free

Bodenwunder contains only natural raw materials from nature. These raw materials are processed in a CO2-neutral manner using our patented, purely organic manufacturing process.

Natural water reservoir

Due to its high humus content, BODENWUNDER has been proven to store much more water than other potting soils. The water is released more slowly to the plants, does not evaporate and can therefore be used effectively and also longer by the plants.


Thanks to the special production method, BODENWUNDER contains neither weeds nor weed seeds. Also harmful germs do not find a breeding ground. Instead, BODENWUNDER contains healthy microorganisms that positively influence the soil in many ways. The result: biodiversity!

With BODENWUNDER you garden not only climate neutral, but climate positive!

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