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  • How should I use Bodenwunder?
    Bodenwunder is a soil-moist ready-to-use planting substrate. After loosening the planting area, apply the substrate, mix up to 1:1 with the existing soil, also when used in pots and trays. Insert the plants, press down and then water. Please keep the substrate always evenly moist and fertilize after about 6 weeks.
  • What is the difference from conventional potting soil?
    Conventional potting soils are mixed from different ingredients, which would be peat, compost, wood fibers, perlite, etc.. Our Bodenwunder, on the other hand, is made from various raw materials by using microorganisms in a purely biological way, thus creating a natural humus.
  • To what extent does Bodenwunder have a positive ecological effect?
    Revitalization of the soil, more biodiversity and a better soil structure as well as better water storage.
  • For which plants can I use Bodenwunder?
    For all garden plants, balcony plants, potted plants and vegetables.
  • Is everything really made in Germany?
    Yes, we only use raw materials from Germany and do not rely on imports from abroad. Such as peat from the Baltic States or coconut fiber from Sri Lanka.
  • Can I use Bodenwunder only in the garden or also in the house?
    We recommend to use Bodenwunder only in the garden.
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